About Us

Hippo Pharmacy was established in 2020 with the primary goal of providing improved access to medications and with a holistic approach to medications and supplements to our customers.

Benefits of an Independent Pharmacy

The main benefit of a working with an independent pharmacy is the strong relationship that we develop with each of our clients. The relationships are important because we are acutely aware of our clients healthcare needs and lifestyle goals. We carry products that are not available at the major chain pharmacies or retailers. Our goal is to provide the products and care that is necessary for our clients to live happy and healthy lives. We value your business and work hard to provide the highest quality products and customer service.

Cost and Convenience

Hippo Pharmacy works hard to provide the best prices on medications and supplements to help our clients save money. We also help our customers find and sign up for prescription savings plans that may help to save even more money. We can also synchronize your prescriptions so that they can be refilled automatically and on schedule so you can make fewer trips.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery to our local customers in the Hutto and surrounding communities. We strive to provide our personalized service right to your door. We can also ship our products and prescriptions via the postal service or UPS so they are delivered right to your front door.

Pet Medications

We also offer medications for our furry members of the community. We can compound specific formulations that are unique to your pet.